Parent Policy Council

Purpose of the Policy Council

The Richland School District ECEAP Advisory Council is a formal committee of shared governance between parents and staff. All parents of any Richland Preschool students are encouraged to participate in the process of making decisions about the nature and operation of our program by attending Parent Advisory meetings or by serving as an elected representative.

At each meeting, you will be given details about the operation of our ECEAP program, have an opportunity to give your input as to how the program is run, and vote on a variety of items.

PPC Representatives and Officers

Representatives and Officers are elected at the first meeting in October by preschool parents who attend. Representatives must be a parent of a currently enrolled child in the preschool program.

Representatives and Officers will:

  • Receive orientation in order to be able to carry out their responsibilities.
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Serve as a member for Committees